Awl new me, Massie Block!

Hey lovelies!

Spread the word thatΒ Massie Block is here to stay! Ξ²een thinking ah-bout it awl day and I decided to stay for my ah-mazing PC and awl of my ah-doring fans! BTW check out Dylan’s blawg soon, she’s updating! πŸ™‚ Also check out awl of my pages, I updated too!

In case you forgot, here are awl of the PC’s blawgs: – Alicia Rivera

KristenGregory23’s Blog -Kristen Gregory – Dylan Marvil

Cutieclairex10’s Blog – Kuh-laire Lyons

I expect at least 35 comments before updating and posting ah-gain πŸ˜‰ Thankies!

-M@$$!3 Bl0ck-

P.S. – From now awn, I will be writing in purple! πŸ˜‰

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Been thinkin’

Well, No the titles not a song. Heres the deal. I was thinking about starting to blog as Dylan Marvil again, because honestly? Im more fit for her role, and its more fun. So yea, i know i dont sounds very Massie-like right now, and thats beacuse im honestly nawt. So, Decided what to do. Since i have so many role plays, i need your opinion. Vote below!

1- Quit clique blogging completely.

2- Blog as dylan again

3- Keep this and quit a different role play

4- Stay a Massie Block, even though you dont like it.

5- well there isΒ  no 5. Lol.

So comment below.

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“I’ll teach you the proper ploys when you talk to boys, little ways to flirt and flounce!”

Guess the title!! BTW, competition updates: The competition will be RAISED! Insted of first to 5 points, it will be the first person to guess 10. Yes girls, you better be checking up on my blog more often if you want to win this competition. Also, the anty has been upped! No longer will the winner become a GLU, but they will awlso win a super-seceret prize!! Get ready gurls because this competition prize it ah-mazing. More competitions are in mind for this summer break. I will probaly be starting a new one in July sometime. Okay! SCORE BOARD:

officialbrookekurr: 1 point.

Only Brooke? Come on people, you gotta get these comments in faster!!

Okay! Major Poser alert!! Gotten comments on your blog from “Dylllllll” “Marrissa” “DUHLIVIA” And more friends of ours with out-of-the-ordinary IP adresses? Does Happen to be their IP adress? because this gurl isΒ  LUNE! Shes the worst poser ehv-ah! I mean, come AWN at least TRY! πŸ˜‰ She makes it so ahb-vious. (rolls eyes) AND SHE TOLD ALICIA TO FALL IN A DITCH. And gurls, that is NAWT okay with meh.Β  If you gawt any information on her, email it to me and cawment below teling me to check my email. If i find out who she is.. i swear…

Anyways, Bad news 😦 Dempsey is moving to Britain!! POOR LEESHA! Shes torn apart at the stitches of her faveorite RL dress! Ohh 😦 its so sad, you should see her. Well i dont want to go on too much gurls, Just wanted to update you quickly. BTW, thanks for over 25 comments on my last post! And views! Come on girls, help me hit 5,000 by the end of the month. We can do it!! (Lawl i sound like Dora the Explorer)


Massie Block

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“I talk myself in, talk myself out. Work myself up then i let myself down”

Okay, so i have decided to make a contest. You know how i always do song titles as my post name? Well, the first person to guess 5 post titles will become a GLU. yes, that means this is a lawng-time process. No previous posts will count towards this contest. So ready? Start guessing the title!!

Okay gurls, last post got 25 cawments. 25? The one before it got 35!! Come awn, lets get at least 30 on this one!! I know most of you are out of school so ahb-viously you CAN comment, and i expect your commenting-rate to go up. Remember- if your a glu you can handle anything.

Landon. Said he loves me!!! And gave me the cuh-utest necklace Ever!! How ah-mazing is he?!!?? I wear it awl the time now, i mean- how could i not? On friday he invited me, TPC, and their BF’ s to sleep over his house so we did. Execpt nobody actually slept, yea we watch a scary movie and none of us girls could fall asleep…. πŸ™‚ Oh! Did i not tell you? Landon transfered to BriarWood! Woohoo! That means i get to see him at lunch and after school πŸ™‚

Okay, well i will be updating my pages. Awl-so! I made a twitter! but dont expect me to update TOO much, most of the time im busy And OCD didn’t get outta school yet.Β  Got a twitter? Fallow me and i’ll fallow you πŸ˜‰

Anyway i just got back from HSM2 rehersal. Claire, Kris and Livia are doing a pretty good job. Candy Corn is dancing awn my last nerve- i swear one more mess up and he is o-u-t OUT! I will doom him to LBRism for evah. No im not mean im just worked up πŸ˜‰ lawl. gtg!


Massie Block

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“I wanna be on the cover of, Forbes magazine.. standing next to Oprah and the Queen”

Anybody recognize the song in the title? No? Yes? Maybe? Well im nawt going to tell you anymore, because i though i should let you lovlies do more on my blawg! So, if you know it post it underneath this post! First person will be considered for a GLU spot. Yup you heard me! My GLU and LBR list will be going up soon! So cawment. Cawment. COMMENT. lovlies because i don’t have you write entries, i judge your comments. πŸ™‚

So, it hasnt been a week yet but i decided to post because you girles deserved it. Why? I got 34 cawments on my last post! Thanks girls!

So, me and Leesha have been rehersing for Wicked wayyyy too much. I barely have time to schedule hang-outs with my Loves! But, its going wonderfully. I have totally mastered Galinda. And for those of you who dont know wht im talking about? Look it up. Leesha is Elphaba, and yes its HA-larious!!! But, i dont want to bag on her too much so ill move on πŸ˜‰

As you know im directing HSM at OCD. Claires Gabriella and Kristens Sharpay. Its going really well but im thinking about Re-casting some characters. They are sooo annoying. Heather, Layme, and Meena? Need some manners AY-SAP. Yesterday Layme through a full-sealed go-gurt at me so i unsealed it and covered her hair in it. Lawl, sounds mean but that was after a full-long-day of her anoying me at rehersal. Dont Judge πŸ˜‰

Oooh! Just made plans! Lay-tah TPC and our Boyfriends are going to Chill and my Pool. Its 103′ Out right now!! Ah-mazing or FantabulouS?

-M@$$!3 Bl0ck-

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“Dont push me, i am close to the edge!”

Hey Lovlies,

Obviously, my “song quote” is a little different today. Have any of you ever seen Happy Feet? Lawl, its this movie about a penguin. Its quite ah-dorable, Exept for the part when cuh-laire started crying. The penguin was trapped, *eye roll*,Β  we were watching it at our Friday night sleep over.

So did i tell you about Landons party? Well it was ah-mazing and didnt end until 2 A.M, lawl.Β  Yes, me and Landon are an official couple. AND we lip-kiss awl the time. πŸ˜‰ Its more like normal now than suprising. I guess were a serious couple now :).

So apparently Harris and Olivia are dating. How do i know? well i saw them making out. Ew x99! Is that extremely gross or EXTREMEY gross. Eh, either works. πŸ˜‰ I was rewarded 100 points for that ladys πŸ˜‰

Landons working lights at the talent show so im co-assisting the director. That means techincally im part of the help- but i dont have to do anything but help landon out. πŸ˜‰ Lawl, yesterday Bark and Bean had a dawgie date. Bark Jacobs had an open-house. No, they are nawt selling it. I ment they had a charity event at their shawp, All dawg owners from New York were invited. Bean was a V.I.P. {very important pug} As i was a V.I.P. {very important person}, too.

Lastly but most certinally nawt leastly, We might have a new dylan and kristen. Our old Kristin cant blawg anymore, and dylan has been M.I.A for like a month. *eye roll* So, ill update you awn that later. Interested in the spots? Comment below before we pick our new members!

-m@$$!3 Bl0ck

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“Hey soul sister, ain’t that Mr. Mister on the radio, stereo, the way yah move ain’t fair, yah knoww”

Hey guys!

SO 1- Obviously this song is the one on my mind, Its mine and Landons song!! Oh yess.. that reminds mee..

So 2- Landons party went Ah-mazzzzzzzing. Me and him are Official a couple!! Eeeeep! We Haven’t lip kissed yet, 😦 But im sure we will soon!

So 3- Me at leesha were at the mall before and layme was there. Ew. But, i just HADD to embarrass her. πŸ™‚ So we managed to “accidently” Pour a frosty all over her.. But hayy it was an accident! πŸ˜‰

So 4- The spring formal is coming up and TPC is going with our Boyfreinds, more details on that later. Im busy so i can’t make a lawng post. K gurls, TTYL!

-M@$$i!3 Bl0ck

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